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What is a
Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is the community's guide and framework for the planning of future growth & development.

The Plan Commission has statutory responsibility to adopt and maintain the Comprehensive Plan. The plan includes detailed recommendations relating to:

  • Protection and preservation of natural & agricultural resources
  • Proper arrangement of various residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, agricultural, and park & recreational land uses
  • Identification of population and housing projections
  • Development of transportation, bicycle, pedestrian and park facilities along with potential sites for neighborhood schools and parks
  • Identification of public utilites and facilities required to meet the needs of future populations.

The Comprehensive Plan provides the framework for preparing neighborhood plans and providing roadway, sewer, water and storm sewer facilities to serve the new developments in the community.

Did you know...
Public participation is required at every stage of the planning process via open discussions, communication programs, information services and public meetings.