2010 Bicycle and Pedestrian Trails Plan

Bicycling and walking are inexpensive, non-polluting forms of transportation and recreation that are accessible to nearly everyone. Children, many elderly and those without access to motor vehicles can rely on cycling and walking as an autonomous form of transportation. Other residents may rely on cycling for transportation due to its low cost, sustainability, or simply the joy of being on a bike. In addition to transportation, residents of all ages and abilities commonly participate in cycling, walking and running activities as a form of recreation and exercise.

For cycling and walking to be viable forms of transportation and recreation, there must be facilities that allow residents to safely and comfortably participate in these activities and reach their destinations. The Village of Pleasant Prairie recognizes the importance of providing these options for its citizens. Focused on bicycling and walking, the 2010 Bicycle and Pedestrian Trails Plan demonstrates the Village’s commitment to providing facilities for walking and cycling.

Based on current development as well as future development outlined in the 2035 Village of Pleasant Prairie Comprehensive Plan, this plan proposes a ten-fold increase in facilities designated for bicycle and pedestrian use. The plan also details encouragement, education, enforcement and evaluation programs and recommendations to boost bicycle ridership and walking within the Village.

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Executive Summary

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 The Importance of Bicycling and Walking

Chapter 3 Existing Conditions

Chapter 4 Education, Encouragement and Enforcement

Chapter 5 Goals, Objectives and Policies

Chapter 6 Design Standards

Chapter 7 Recommended Bike and Pedestrian Network

Chapter 8 Conclusion and Appendices

Bike Trail Map