Earth Day

Earth Day 2009 will occur on Friday, April 22.

The Village of Pleasant Prairie will be planning special Earth Day projects for area Elementary Schools.

Earth Day 2007 sponsored by the following companies:

Timberland Logo
Kenosha Grounds Care Logo

Pringle Nature Center

Richard Bong State Rec. Area

Starbucks Coffee

Some of the events that are planned for this years Earth Day celebration and the sponsor of that event are listed below

  • Tree Planting Techniques and Health
    Sponsored by Kenosha Grounds Care
  • Duck Unlimited Session
    Sponsored by Duck Unlimited
  • Clean Water
    Sponsored by Richard Bong State Rec. Area
  • Recycling/Compost
    Sponsored by Pringle Nature Center
  • Invasive Species
    Sponsored by Kenosha Racine Land Trust

For more information on Earth Day visit the Earth Day web site.