Keep Our Waters Clean

A message from Respect our Waters...

Each of us can have a positive impact on the health of our rivers and Lake Michigan. Maybe you're thinking that you're just one person. That's right, BUT if we each do our part, our individual actions will add up. Together, we'll make a difference.

Every time it rains, anything left on a sidewalk, lawn, or street ends up in storm sewers that flow directly into our rivers and Lake Michigan - the source of the water you drink every day.

So what can you do...

  • pick up pet waste
  • leave grass clippings on the lawn
  • use lawn fertilizer and chemicals sparingly
  • test the soil to make sure the yard really needs the extra nutrients before applying fertilizer
  • inspect vehicles to make sure they're not leaking oil or other fluids
  • plant a rain garden and trees
  • direct downspouts into rain barrels, the yard or garden instead of the sewer or driveway
  • use a car wash or wash cars on the lawn

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