Pleasant Prairie Community Development Department

Comprehensive Plan

The first Comprehensive Plan for Pleasant Prairie, completed in 1967, was used to direct development to the 1990 design year. In 1996, updates were made to the 1967 Plan, with the adoption of a comprehensive plan for the Kenosha Urban Planning Area, to help guide the Village through 2010. The comprehensive update, recently adopted by the Village Board, will see the Village through the year 2035. To review a copy of the Village of Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin 2035 Comprehensive Plan, by chapter, please refer to the downloadable PDFs at the bottom of this page. For any questions contact:

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is the community's guide and framework for the planning of future growth and development. Section 66.1001 of the Wisconsin State Statues requires that, after January 1, 2010, all programs and actions of the Village that affect land use must be guided by, and consistent with, the Village’s adopted Comprehensive Plan. It further requires that the Comprehensive Plan contain the following nine (9) elements:

• Issues and Opportunities

• Housing

• Transportation

• Utilities and Community Facilities

• Agricultural, Natural, and Cultural Resources

• Economic Development

• Intergovernmental Cooperation

• Land Use

• Implementation

The Comprehensive Plan includes detailed recommendations relating to:

• the protection and preservation of natural resources and cultural resources;

• the proper arrangement of various residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and park/recreational land uses;

• the identification of population and housing projections;

• the development of transportation, bicycle, and pedestrian facilities;

• the development of park facilities;

• the identification of potential sites for neighborhood schools and parks; and

• the identification of public utilities and community facilities to meet the needs of the future population.

The Village of Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin 2035 Comprehensive Plan

Cover Page Volume 1

Volume 1 Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction and Background

Chapter 2 Issues and Opportunities

Chapter 3 Housing

Chapter 4 Transportation Element

Chapter 5 Utilities and Community Facilities

Chapter 6 Agricultural, Natural and Cultural Resources

Chapter 7 Economic Development

Chapter 8 Intergovernmental Cooperation

Chapter 9 Land Use

Chapter 10 Implementation

Cover Page Volume 2

Volume 2 Table of Contents

Appendix 1-1 Public Participation Plans

Appendix 1-2 Kenosha County Kick-Off Meeting and Cafe Summaries

Appendix 1-3 Pleasant Prairie Cafe Summary

Appendix 1-4 Commendts from Tour of Development Sites

Appendix 1-5 Public Informational Meeting related to Inventory Information

Appendix 1-6 Compass Point Newletter

Appendix 1-7 Special Issue of The Village Newsletter

Appendix 2-1 Summary of Regional and County Plans

Appendix 2-2-Summary of Land Use Related Estraterritorial Authorities

Appendix 2-3 Population and Houshold Porjections prepared by SEWERPC as part of the Multi-Jurisdictional Plan

Appendix 3-1 Housing Programs in Kenosha County

Appendix 3-2 Kenosha County Affordable Housing Index

Appendix 4-1 Transportation Programs available to Kensoha County

Appendix 6-1 Agricultural, Natural and Cultural Resources Programs and Conservation Techniques

Appendix 6-2 Invasive Animal Speies in Wisconsin-2007

Appendix 6-3 Invasive Plant Speies in Wisconsin-2007

Appendix 7-1 Economiic Development Organizations and Programs

Appendix 7-2 SIC Code Structure

Appendix 7-3 NAICS Code Structure

Appendix 7-4 Location of Major Employers in Kenosha County

Appendix 7-5 Development in PrairieWood and Lakeview Corporate Parks

Appendix 7-6 Development in Prairie Ridge

Appendix 7-7 Employment Projections by Industry Sector in SE Wisconsin

Appendix 9-1 SEWRPC Codes for the 2000 Land Use Map

Appendix 9-2 Community Design and Sustainablity Concepts

Appendix 9-3 Neighborhood and Special District Plans

Appendix 9-4 Village Green Cafe Summaries

Appendix 9-5 Kenosha County 2035 Land Use Plan Map

Appendix 9-6 Current 2010 Pleasant Prairie Land Use Plan

Appendix 10-1 Plan Commission Resolution #09

Appendix 10-2 Ordinance #09

Appendix 10-3 Amendments to 2035 Land Use Plan Map