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There is standing water in my yard. Can I fill it with material?
No. Review your lot survey for clarification of the grading design. If necessary, contact the Village to report it.

Are Permits required for grading work?
Yes. An erosion control permit will need to be filled out, either for Single Family & Two Family or Commercial. Depending on the work location, a work in the right-of-way permit may be required as well.

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Do I need a permit to work on my driveway?
A driveway permit is required and driveway guidelines should be followed for constructing new and reconstructing existing driveways.

My driveway has settled lower than the concrete curb. Can I cut the curb down to match my driveway?
No. The Village does not allow the concrete curbs to be cut down.

Do I need a permit to remove or plant trees in front of my lot?
Trees are not allowed to be planted in the Village Right-Of-Way without approval. A drawing needs to be submitted to the Village for review for the placement of approved tree species.

Who do I call if I believe work is taking place without a permit?
On private property, contact the Building Inspections Department at 262-694-9304.
For activity taking place in the Right-Of-Way, contact the Engineering Department 262-948-8951.

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Do I need a permit for a fence?
Yes. Fill out a fence application. Then, turn it into the Community Development Department at Village Hall.

Can I install a fence in an easement area?
No. Easements are to be maintained by the property owners and remain clear of obstructions as to allow ingress and egress for maintenance of certain utility systems.

Can I landscape the parkway or "terrace" area between the public walk and the curb?
Typically, this area is located in the Right-Of-Way (ROW) and belongs to the Village of Pleasant Prairie. No trees are allowed in the ROW without an approval, see “Do I need a permit to remove or plant trees in front of my lot?“ above under the “Driveway” section.

Can I landscape the drainage swale located on my property?
No. Drainage swales are part of the drainage system for the local area. It is the owner’s responsibility to maintain any and all swales on their property. Landscaping and/or structures can block or impede the flow of water through the swale (i.e. sheds, playgrounds, railroad timbers etc.) Any landscaping in these areas shall be submitted to the Engineering Division for approval prior to commencement of any work.

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Who makes my new water tap?
The Village makes taps only on our own projects or in an emergency situation.

Who installs water meters? The Village installs meters that are 1” and smaller. Meters that are above 1” are installed by a contractor and the Village hooks up a radio head (remote reader).

Where is the water meter located?
Typically, the water meter is located on the property, not at the right of way line. But, the water service shut off valve is located in the Right-of-Way, one foot from the property line.

Where is the Backflow preventer located?
On private property before or after the meter where required by the plumbing code.

Can I install an irrigation system in my yard and in the Right-of-Way?
Irrigation systems are not allowed in the ROW without Village approval. Irrigation systems are allowed up to the property line only.

I need Static and Residual pressure readings for a design. How should I obtain these?
Call in your request with the address information to our office at 262-948-8951.

What is the fire hydrant specification?
Mueller Centurion No. A-243 with Kenosha Thread or Kennedy Guardian with Kenosha thread.

What is a tracer wire box?
Typically, this is a pipe with a threaded cap on the top of it. It houses a wire used to assist in locating a utility.

I received an estimate for fees - $12,800.00 connection fee for a 6-inch fire tap, with a 2-inch domestic water tap, 1-inch irrigation tap and a separate 6-inch sanitary tap. Can you break that down for me?
The sewer connection fee for a commercial building is based on the water meter size converted to a meter equivalent based on its capacity. This information is listed under ordinance 285-23 Sewer construction and connections. The chart is as follows:
Water Meter Size - 2”
Capacity - 160gal/min
Meter Equivalent – 8 (# value used to configure the following Charge)
Charge ($1,600 per residential unit equivalent multiplied by the Meter Equivalent) - $12,800

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Snow Related Items

The snowplow damaged my mailbox. What should I do?
Call Public Works at 262-925-6700 to have it reported.

My fence or retaining wall at the edge of the road was damaged by the plow. Will the Village fix it?
No. The Village does not allow structures to be installed in the Right-Of-Way (ROW). Therefore, the Village is not obligated to make repairs.

How soon after a snowfall do I have to clear my sidewalk?
Village Ordinance 305-11, Section A. states the following in parts.
Sidewalks to be kept clear each day.

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