Garbage Recycling & Hazardous Waste

General Guidelines

Garbage pick-up
  • Keep garbage in trash cans or in plastic bags.
  • Garbage should not be placed at the curb more than 12 hours before your collection day.
  • Remove empty cans from the curb within 12 hours of collection.
  • Place containers on curb line away from trees, telephone poles or other obstacles by 6:30 am on your collection day.
  • Place brown recyclable cart five feet away from fire hydrants, telephone poles and other obstructions. Do not put recyclables in any other type of container.
  • Garbage/Recycling will not be collected if it is mixed together in the same bag and/or container.
  • Shovel or clear area at curb during winter garbage collection.
  • Place containers or bags curbside.
  • Depending on your route, garbage may not be picked-up until 3:00 pm. Call the Department of Public Works at 262.925.6700 with pick-up problems.
Container Regulations
  • Village issued cart must be used.
  • Additional cans may be used if you have Option 1 garbage collection but must be 33 gallon/50 pound maximum. Tied garbage bags may be used as well 50 pound maximum.
  • DO NOT chain or tie lids to cans. Leave lids in garage so they will not be blown away or stolen. Public Works is NOT responsible for cans or lids.
  • Trash in cardboard boxes will not be collected.

Solid Waste
What is Solid Waste? The Village of Pleasant Prairie classifies solid waste as garbage other than typical "household" waste. Typical solid waste is clean lumber, carpet and padding*, plywood, drywall, windows* and scrap. Maximum size of residential solid waste items is 3' x 18". Maximum weight limit is 50 pounds.

Solid Waste Collection Guidelines
  • Place items at the curb the evening before or no later than 6:30 am on your scheduled collection day.
  • Keep garbage cans and bags away from trees, utility poles, mailboxes, traffic signs, fire hydrants and parked cars.
  • During winter months, garbage cans and bags must be free of ice and snow. Set waste out in a cleared area at the curb or driveway approach.
  • Items must fit in a truck opening of 3' x 18" with a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds.
  • * Carpeting, padding and rugs must be cut or folded into 3-foot widths and rolled and tied or taped. Maximum 50 pounds per roll.
  • * Windows can be no larger than 3' x 18". Tape an "X" with heavy duty tape across glass on both sides to prevent breakage.
  • Lumber must be cut into 3-foot lengths or less and tied or taped into bundles or placed in garbage cans. Pull out or bend over any nails. Limit 50 pounds per can or bundle.
  • Paneling, plywood, drywall or plaster board must be cut into sections no larger than 3' x 18" and bundled, bagged or put in garbage cans. Limit 50 pounds per bag, can or bundle.
  • NO recycling or yard waste can be mixed in bags or cans.
  • NO disposal items can be placed in corrugated cardboard boxes.
  • NO hazardous or liquid waste or any type of tank, (e.g., propane, oxygen, gas) is collected at the curb. Contact the Department of Public Works for disposal information.
  • NO concrete, stone, brick, dirt or sand is collected.
  • NO pianos, organs, and/or cast iron bathtubs.

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