Garbage Recycling & Hazardous Waste

Automated Garbage Collection Reminders

Here are a few reminders for the automated garbage program:

  1. Bag your garbage and place the bags into your garbage cart. The lid will be clearly marked "GARBAGE ONLY" and will have a green cover
  2. On your regularly scheduled garbage collection day, roll your cart to the curb. Your cart opening should face the street and the handle of the cart should face your home. Please have your garbage cart out by 6:30 am on your collection day.
  3. Your garbage cart should be placed on the opposite side of the driveway from your recycling cart. Both carts should be located at least 5 feet from other obstructions to allow for the automated arm to operate properly.
  4. Please do not bungee or tie down the lid to either your garbage or recycling cart. In order for the garbage to empty from your cart after being lifted by the automatic arm, the lid must be free to swing open.

Thank You for Your Cooperation

Thank you for participating in the Garbage and Recycling Program. With your help, the Village has been able to increase the amount of recycled material and decrease the waste into area landfills. Your efforts help both the planet and our collective pocket books.