Utility Department

Groundwater Infiltration of the Public Sanitary Sewer Sump Pump & Lateral Grant Programs

If your home is currently a part of the ground water infiltration sump pump and lateral grant programs, please be aware that if you chose not to participate in the program an enforcement action of three possible steps will take place.

  1. At the end of one year, you will be charged a groundwater surcharge fee to compensate the Utility District for the added flows into the sewer system. For example, in the Cooper Road area, the surcharge ranged from $22.00 per month to $296.00 per month based upon sewer flows.
  2. If the sewer system is still causing raw sewage to back up into homes the Village Board will direct that a public health emergency exists, and the Village will have the sanitary sewer and perimeter tile disconnected at the property owner's expense.
  3. If the Village is sued due to damage caused by sanitary sewer back-ups, the addresses of those homes in violation and continuing to discharge groundwater will be provided to the parties initiating legal action.

This is a very serious public health problem, as well as an expensive utility problem that needs to be addressed. The Village is committed to resolving this problem as efficiently and economically as possible. With your help, we are able to solve the problem of sanitary sewer failures and increasing sewer charges together. If you have any questions or would like to schedule and appointment, call the Utility Department at 262-694-1403.

Illegal Sump Pump Connection Reminder
Please be reminded that Section 28.008 B.5 of the Village Municipal Code states that all residential sump pump discharge shall be directed to the street yard, natural drainage way, or approved storm sewer system so as to not saturate, accumulate, or damage the subject property or adjacent properties. Residents found violating this ordinance are subject to severe fines. If you have any questions about whether or not your sump pump is discharging properly, please call the Public Works Department at 262-694-1403.