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Parkland Donated

During late 2016, a land donation for a future park was finalized. Frank and Ralph Gesualdo have donated 13.44 acres, located in Carol Beach Unit W, to the Village for use as a future neighborhood park. The area had previously been home to the Town Club. The property is located north of 90th Street at the end of Fifth Avenue. The acreage is comprised of open space, woodland and wetland and is located within a Primary Environmental Corridor.

The donated land had previously been identified in the Village Park and Open Space Plan for use as a future park. During 2005 and 2006, the Village had worked with community members and a consultant to develop a Master Park Plan for the Village. At the time, a majority of resident input received regarding a future park in this particular area was in favor of a passive park that would maintain many of the natural features of the area.

With the recent land donation, as funds become available, the Village will slowly implement plans for a future passive park with unpaved walking trails and open space. In the near term, staff envisions a sign could be installed near the end of Fifth Avenue, and an area could be groomed to accommodate a small number of parking spaces.

Frank and Ralph Gesualdo have requested that the park be named in honor of their father, Frank M. Gesualdo. On November 1, 2016, the Pleasant Prairie Park Commission passed a Resolution of Appreciation for the land donation along with a recommendation to the Village Board that the park be named for Frank M. Gesualdo. On Monday, November 7, the Village Board formally accepted the land donation and concurred with the recommendation to name the new park Gesualdo Park.

The Village would like to sincerely thank Frank and Ralph Gesualdo for donating this land to the community.


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