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Recent Warranty Mailing
In June 2016, the Village Board authorized a three-year agreement with Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA). SLWA administers the National League of Cities Service Line Warranty Program. The program offers residential property owners a warranty that can help pay for unexpected repairs to water or sewer line laterals that connect their property to municipally owned water and sewer mains.

The most common materials used in water service lines are galvanized steel, copper and PVC. Homeowners with copper or PVC water lines may not need warranty services. Those with older, galvanized steel may wish to consider warranty services.

The most common materials used in sewer service lines are clay, cast iron, and PVC. Homeowners with PVC may not need warranty services. Those with clay or cast iron may wish to consider warranty services.

Homeowners can generally tell what type of water or sewer lateral they have based on the stubs in your basement where the water and sewer connect. If you have clay, cast iron, PVC, galvanized steel or copper connections in your basement, your laterals are likely made of the same material.

Participation in the warranty program is strictly voluntary. The Village has granted SLWA permission to use the Village name and logo on their mailings during the three-year agreement, so that residents can distinguish the program from other private service line insurance solicitations.

However, SLWA is the administrator of the program, and no public funds are used to promote it. The program has been designed for municipal governments and can help ensure that responsible contractors are working on private water or sewer service line repairs. The Village, however, cannot make a determination as to whether individual homeowners should purchase a warranty through SLWA.

The public right of way is the area 15 feet behind the curb in subdivisions and approximately five feet behind the ditch in rural areas (the amount of right of way will vary, based on the different types of road profiles throughout the Village).

Homeowners are responsible for repairing any portion of the water or sewer service lines that rest inside of the private property line leading to their home. The Village is responsible for repairing any water or sewer service lines inside of the right of way, along with any other public water or sewer infrastructure.

In recent years, residents have contacted the Village regarding mailings they have received from companies selling private water line insurance. The Village had encouraged residents to research these companies and their offers through the Better Business Bureau and the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection.

The Village entered the agreement with SLWA in order to help residents identify an affordable and reputable option for service line warranties and to ensure that responsible local contractors are working on the private service line repairs. More information is available at www.slwofa.com. If you need further explanation regarding the types of water or sewer lines, please contact the Building Inspection Department at 262.694.9304.


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