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Budget Approved
On November 20, the Pleasant Prairie Village Board considered and approved the 2018 General Government Budget. As a result of the approved budget, the municipal tax levy will increase 3.4% from $11,484,813 in 2017 to $11,883,254 in 2018, an increase of $398,441. Due to a slight increased value of the Village (the total assessed value of the Village is now about $3.16 billion), the mill rate will only increase 3.06% from $4.46 to $4.59.

Pleasant Prairie receives approximately 21% of a resident’s total property tax payment. The median value of a home in the Village stayed the same at $205,400 for this budget cycle. This will equate to the Village receiving $943.85 from the median valued household to cover the expense of providing services during 2018, an increase of approximately $28.03. The services covered generally include: assessing, building inspection, community development/planning, elections, engineering, finance, fire and paramedics, human resources, police, road improvements, and snow plowing. The 2018 budget includes an addition of two police officers and one fire medic. Capital purchases includes $1.5 million for road improvements, $888,385 for a rescue pumper fire engine, replacement of a 2008 ambulance, and completing of the dark fiber communication ring.

“The Village works to provide high quality municipal services for our residents and businesses including road improvements and top-notch public safety and security. As a municipal government, the Village works diligently to prioritize annual projects to make sure that we are being fiscally responsible, while maintaining a stable and economically sound community,” explained Interim Village Administrator Tom Shircel.

Additional information related to the 2018 budget is available by visiting PleasantPrairieOnline.com and selecting “November 20 2017 Village Board e-packet”.


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