What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Dark Store
On February 19, 2018 the Village Board considered and passed a resolution to protect local businesses, apartment owners and homeowners from tax shifts relating to the Dark Store and Walgreen’s property tax loopholes. The resolution states that homeowners in Wisconsin pay nearly 70% of the total statewide property tax levy. The disproportionate burden of property taxes on homeowners will worsen unless legislators take action to close loopholes in property tax law that some national chain stores use to gain substantial reductions in property taxes. Lawsuits are forcing local governments to lower the market value of thriving national chain stores, shifting the tax burden to local businesses, apartment owners and homeowners. Some national chain stores in Wisconsin have argued that the assessed value of their property, for property tax purposes, should be only half of its actual value on the open market. They are using what is known as a “Dark Store” strategy to argue that the assessed value of a new, thriving store should be based on comparing their buildings to vacant or abandoned stores from a different market segment. Legislation to close these tax loopholes has been drafted, introduced and subject to public hearings by the Wisconsin legislature and has sufficient bipartisan support in both houses of the Wisconsin Legislature to pass with wide margins. There is only one more legislative session day remaining in the current legislative calendar. For these reasons, the Village of Pleasant Prairie Board of Trustees is urging the Governor and the Legislature to protect local businesses, apartment owners and homeowners from these tax shifts by passing legislation to close the Dark Store and Walgreens property tax loopholes.


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