What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

On Monday, February 26, the Pleasant Prairie Plan Commission considered several items including a Conditional Use Permit, Site and Operational Plans, an amendment to the Digital Security Imaging System (DSIS) Agreement, a DSIS Access Easement, a Comprehensive Land Use Map Amendment, Zoning Map and Text Amendments, and a Certified Survey Map for Lynch Chevrolet.

The request for these approvals was made by Tim Lynch, P.E. of Lynch & Associates on behalf of Lynch Chevrolet. The Commission approved the Conditional Use permit which includes Site and Operational Plans for properties located at 10901 75th Street and vacant property to the west for the proposed expansion of the Lynch Chevrolet dealership. The expansion will include the construction of two additional parking lots adding 136 parking spaces to the dealership. The parking area to the west will be used to display cars for sale/lease. Behind the building, 116 parking spaces will be added for employee parking and car storage. Lynch also plans to expand the on-site storm water basin to handle any additional runoff from the paved surfaces. The parking lot expansion includes a landscape and lighting plan that will be aesthetically pleasing and consistent with their current site design. The amendment to the DSIS Agreement is a safety related improvement that provides the necessary camera coverage of the commercial area to local public safety departments. The Certified Survey Map will then combine the properties into one parcel.

The Village Board will consider the recommendations from the Plan Commission relating to the Comprehensive Land Use Map Amendment, Zoning Map and Text Amendments, and Certified Survey Map at an upcoming meeting.


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